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Buying or Selling a Property

Buying or selling your home is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make in your life. That is why it is important to know your legal rights and get it right the first time. Failure to do so could impact you and your future finances, and ultimately your quality of life.

We know the process of buying or selling your property can be quite stressful and overwhelming. Unfortunately things can go wrong and that is why it is important to have the services of an experienced Solicitor.

If you are considering buying or selling your home, contact us today for a free no obligation quote or consultation.

Transferring a Property

Transferring a property is a complicated and often costly exercise if you do not have the help of experienced Solicitors and conveyancers on hand. When people transfer property it is often between friends or family members and is often done when someone dies, when setting up a trust fund, for tax purposes or when a property is jointly owned.

At Heathcote Legal we have the experience to prepare all agreements and transfer documents to affect any property transfer. For more information contact our specialist team today.


When it comes to refinancing your existing real estate interests, it is vital that the legal aspect of the transaction is carefully managed from its outset to its conclusion. The experience of the Solicitors at Heathcote Legal ensures that our team can assist you with all aspects of your real estate transaction, from representing you in negotiations with relevant parties through to carefully reviewing and advising you on all legal contracts relevant to the transaction.

When considering whether or not to refinance your property, it is vital that you consider the loans offered by a number of financial institutions – a mortgage broker could assist you in this regard.

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There are many aspects to selling or buying a commercial property. Often there are many other matters tied to the transaction. This can include negotiations with local councils and other government departments, the transfer of a lease on the property, various disclosure requirements, licensing issues, taxation related matters and permitted uses of a property.

We work with our Solicitors within the firm, and when required with other specialist partners, to provide advice in areas such as Capital Gains Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Trusts and other corporate and business issues. This ensures that we can provide a satisfactory commercial outcome for you.

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